For many tourists driving a scooter in Saigon is the experience they desire the most. Driving here can be a challenge if you are not experienced but if you are a competent motorcycle or scooter rider and can read a simple GPS device, riding the streets of Saigon is the most exciting experience you can have while visiting our wonderful city .
Motor biking is life to the Vietnamese and the best means of experiencing this life force is to venture out on a scooter with the locals. Wear a big smile on your face and the people will be very happy to see you out there with them. You will be rewarded with great admiration and wonderful smiles at every intersection.

Sitting on a scooter behind a driver while taking an organized tour is advisable if you are not able to ride yourself but is limited in time and scope of your travel adventure. If you want to stay out longer, explore deeper and are a competent rider, it’s time to rent our scooters and venture out on your own.

What we offer:
+ A standard 125cc fully automatic scooter (can upgrade to manual for extra cost)
+ GPS device mounted on the handlebar with charger, we have input many co-ordinates but you can add in any destinations you want to visit by simply typing the address, it will take you there.
+ Nice helmets
+ Free drop off/pick up service at/from your hotel

Cost: 25$/1day (counting from 8am-8pm and excludes fuel)


  • Remember to remove the GPS device and take it with you whenever you park, someone can steal it if you leave on the scooter.
  • Do not park the scooter at no where and leave it behind
  • Do not attempt to drive the scooter if you are not an experienced motorbike driver.

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